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Recycled Products Available

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Our new recycling plant is producing a higher grade of material than we had dared to anticipate when we purchased it.   Examples of clean hardcore, finer stone and screened soil are in the pictures on the right, which can be enlarged by clicking on them. 

Our expectation was based on what we had seen when looking at similar, but older plants.  We have sought to improve normal soil screening and stone cleaning processes through the use of a very large diameter long trommel, variable speed blowers and interchangeable self-cleaning screens. 

The hardcore in the top picture can be used as is to make up roads and tracks and similar applications, or be crushed and sold on. 

The finer stone in the middle picture, typically anywhere between 10mm and 40mm, can be used for landscaping applications, or for further screening & crushing. 

The clean screened soil in the bottom picture can be used for landscaping, backfilling trenches and other similar applications or mixed with other soils or composts. 

We would welcome enquiries from the trade or public, large or small, for any or all of these products, and would be delighted to discuss any particular requirement with you.  Please contact Julian at the office.

Wood is also available and suitable for use in wood burners and open fires

Transport can be arranged for larger deliveries.