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Contaminated land study and clean-up

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YPH were initially contracted to carry out a desktop study of a piece of land near Crewkerne, Somerset (illustrated) in support of a planning application for new housing. 

The first phase of the study comprised a written report collating data about the site in terms of its history, land use and physical characteristics (e.g. geology, lie of the land etc.), together with a walk over survey. Its conclusion in a preliminary risk assessment determined that the site posed a risk from contamination and that it was necessary to proceed to a second phase investigation. 

The second phase involved a number of soil samples being taken and sent for analysis. A WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) test was obtained identifying that there was hazardous material present, and the contaminated substances were seperated and taken to a suitably licensed facility by YPH.  The non-contaminated materials were removed and recycled at our plant in Yeovil. 

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